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While Elon students are spending part of their winter term in Iowa to study the Iowa Caucus, students at Drake University in Des Moines are also studying this major statewide event.

Drake University offers the winter term class "Strategic Messaging and the Iowa Caucus."

Sophomore Evan Guest is one student participating in the class.

Guest says the class goes to various political events across the state and keeps a class blog to analyze the messages of each candidate.

This will be the first presidential election Guest will be able to caucus for. He says attending various campaign events has left him undecided.

"Right now, I thought, I was going to be caucusing for Hillary Clinton, but going to all these events has really opened up my mind," he says.

Guest says candidates, such as Democratic senator Bernie Sanders, are encouraging millennials to caucus with their campaign messages, even though caucus participants are typically older.

"I would say the percentage of people who are populating are older, but yes there is still younger people going," he notes.

Guest has one wish for his fellow millennials this election year.

"For our generation my hope is that they'll go and vote," he says.


To see the Drake University blog, check out this link below:

Iowa Caucus Project