This list of construction sites on Elon's campus is about to get longer.

Elon University recently purchased 19.5 acres of land across the street from Elon's athletic facilities. The property is west of Hunt Softball Park and the lot will be used as the preferred location of the proposed convocation center.

The money used to purchase the land was given to Elon through donation by Furman Moseley and his wife Susan. Both are Elon alumni.

The convocation center is part of Elon's strategic plan and architects have already started the design process. This multipurpose center will be named the Schar Center, after Dwight and Martha Schar committed $8 million to the construction of the building last December. The center will be used as a large gathering space for campus events and will host future basketball games and volleyball matches.

Elon has also started planning for two additional academic buildings. They are designing plans for a new building to house the Martha and Spencer Love School of Business and a new building for the physical sciences across from McMichael.

Elon will spend the next two years fundraising for these two buildings.