The following students are running for positions in the Student Government Association's Fall 2015 Election. Click on the name to the right of the candidate's photo to watch their speech. Voting for the class of 2019 will be online on Monday, September 7 and Tuesday, September 8. Check back here for a link on Monday morning.

Running for Class President:

Alyssa Dawn Muller





James Longo





Josh Cadorette





Justin Michael





Kenneth Brown Jr.





Kevin MacWilliams





Matthew Sullivan





Neil Samtani





Ryan Doane





Connor Torossian






Running for Class Vice-President:

Dora Muratovic





Greg Holler





Michael Pitten





Shelby Valeriano






Running for Class Secretary:

Elyse Cowles





Geena DiCamillo





Leah Kay






Running for Class Treasurer:

Austin Brehio






Running for Class Senator:

Amy Belfer





Asher Thompson





Emily Cline




Griffin Evans


Sophie Zinn





Stefanie Milovic





Warren Barrett