By the time Einstein Bros. Bagels opened late Monday morning, the line in Daniel Commons already wrapped around the large wooden table to the back door opening to the newly renovated Danieley Center.

“I got here 10 minutes early because I knew there would be a line,” said sophomore Emily Freeman. “We need it, especially in Danieley for breakfast, since Colonnades is closed on the weekends. It’s a great way to glamorize the neighborhood.”

Sophomores Maddie Rogers and Sarah Chadwell said they are excited to have more food options in Danieley this year. They lived in the buildings farthest away from the Commons than others last year, which made the walk to Colonnades on the weekends a trek.

“This is probably where I’ll eat breakfast every day,” Chadwell said.

While Einstein Bros. officially opened Aug. 24, Elon Dining held a soft opening a week ago. According to Heather Krieger, director of marketing for Elon Dining, the opening was intended to help the staff practice taking orders, making meals and interacting with students. Many of the RAs in the Danieley Center, such as Freeman, had the opportunity to sample free food and drinks.

Within the first few hours of Monday’s opening, the lines grew longer, and the staff became overwhelmed by the numbers of students and orders.

"We waited about 45 minutes,” said sophomore Arlet VanHoutan. “But they were doing their best. They were very kind and courteous.”

Pulkit Vigg, resident district manager of Elon Dining, explained that during the training, the staff did not work with meal exchanges and the technology behind it.

“With any new locations you have kinks,” he said. “And this showed us the shortcomings of the system. We gave students a free coupon for a meal exchange as a way of saying ‘thank you for supporting us.’”

Krieger said the staff was nervous and overwhelmed, but as students started to come in and interact with them, they started to relax.

VanHoutan and her friends left not only with their orders, but also with free sandwiches for their patience and understanding.

“I think in about two weeks, they will be running smoothly. I will definitely be coming back,” she said.

Einstein Bros. Bagels is not the only new addition to campus dining. The Winter Garden Cafe that houses Topio’s, Biscuitville and Freshii has added a Chobani Yogurt Creations cart, a Go-Go Jamba Juice and a small selection of snacks. Biscuitville unveiled a new menu that has not yet been introduced in stores. Fountain Market in downstairs Colonnades also added a Chobani Yogurt Creations cart.

Vigg said these new options are all a part of the university’s goal to add new things on campus, as well as to show that the university is listening to student feedback.

“This is something to say that the university actually cares about what students have to say,” he said