According to new student orientation, 1600 new students now walk the bricks of Elon. Among those students is new freshman, Kyle Bacciocco. Though he received his acorn under the oaks like all the other new student, Bacciocco's experience is different from most freshmen because his sister is a senior here at Elon.

"I feel pretty excited, a little bit nervous but you know it's going well so far," Bacciocco said.


He thinks having a sister around will make his Elon experience that much easier.

"I always have someone I can go to, he said. "I can always go to her apartment, and just, if I ever need to relax, I kinda have somewhere to escape to."

Bacciocco's parents are leaving Elon, but said they know that leaving their kids here will be fine. Karena Bacciocco, the mom, understands that her kids have different tastes and unique qualities, but she isn't worried one bit about them getting along.

"When she went off to college, I feel like we actually got closer even though we spent less time together," Bacciocco said about his sister. "Cause when she went off to college, I realized, wow, she's really important in my life."

According to his sister, the feeling is mutual. Alexis Bacciocco, refers to her brother as "her best friend." She said she's excited for the little things like sharing meals and driving to the airport together. After all, it's those little things that count. The parents don't mind one bit, in fact, they said it will be easier on them. Both kids will get the same vacation time and they only have to travel to one school for parents weekend and other visits.