Forget “man’s best friend” — these rescue puppies just replaced the iconic “Friends” cast in a mock-intro of the famous television series.

This video depicts baby canines, rather than the original human actors, running around in inflatable pools, playing with hoses and proving that even the most basic of summer items are so, so much cuter with a puppy — or five.

Hilariously enough, Chandler Bing’s character was kept in human form — because, well, why not. It seems the name “Matthew Perry” didn’t fit as well with the puppy crowd as did “Jennifur Aniston,” “Cute-Nex Spots,” “Lisa Chew-Drow,” “Matt LeBark” and “David Sniffer.”

Punny and delightfully adorable, catch the full video in the link below and thank Buzzfeed BFF for bringing everyone’s 90s/early 2000s television nostalgia bark to life.