Elon University alumni offered advice for postgraduate success and shared their experiences since graduating from Elon.

Welsford Bishopric '14

Welsford_Bishopric(Caroline Olney)After graduating from Elon University, Welsford Bishopric ’14 landed a position as an Investment Banking Analyst for Bank of America Merrill Lynch’s Leveraged Finance group — the job he wanted following graduation.

According to Bishopric, the key to getting the perfect job after college is starting a career search early and putting forth the necessary effort.

“Work hard in college, but take advantage of freedom that you have while at Elon,” he said. “By this, I don’t mean take more naps and watch more Netflix.”

Bishopric was heavily involved during his time at Elon, especially as a member of the Student Government Association. He also worked with the Love School of Business Case Competition team.

Although Bishopric has a time-consuming job as a first year banking analyst and has little time for outside hobbies, he enjoys his job.

Jonathan Citty '10

JonathanCittyJonathan Citty ’10 works with Tryon Solutions, a Supply Chain Software company based in Raleigh, where he implements and maintains warehouse management systems for clients all over the world.

Citty urges students to pursue jobs that pique their interest and avoid ones that become tedious.

“If you do not like your job, leave your current job,” he said. “There are plenty of jobs out there, and there is no need to be unhappy with what you are doing 40 hours a week.”

He was a member of the Elon College Follows, the Mu Chapter of Sigma Phi Epsilon, Student Union Bard and Association for Computing Machinery while he attended Elon. These positions taught him to follow through on his promises no matter how the small the task.

The key to enjoying a job is finding a balance between work and leisure. For this reason, he plays golf and attends concerts when he gets the chance.

Meredith Citty '14

MeredithCitty2Before enrolling in Elon University, Meredith Citty ’14 knew she wanted to become a teacher. Her experience in the Teaching Fellows program and in student teaching led her to a position as a first grade teacher at Hillcrest Elementary School.

Citty’s passion for teaching developed at a young age.

“I knew since the moment I walked into kindergarten that I wanted to be a teacher,” she said. “I just felt [my teacher] was the greatest person ever.”

Citty was attracted to teach at a location where her communication and compassion skills could be exercised — a place like Hillcrest, which is a Title I school, a school with at 75 percent of students on free or reduced lunch.

She also works as the director of youth activities at Alamance Country Club. When she competed in high school athletics, she was disappointed by the low turnout. This inspired her to support other athletes later in life. Citty remains involved on Elon’s campus by attending football games.

Kassondra Cloos '13

Kassondra_CloosKassondra Cloos ’13 serves as the nighttime public safety reporter for The Gazette, a daily newspaper in Colorado Springs. From crime to weather, she writes on a wide range of topics.

Cloos knew she wanted to focus on print journalism because it allows her to be in-depth in her reporting.

“I really like to write, and I’ve always felt print journalism gives a lot of opportunities for investigative reporting,” she said.

While attending Elon University, Cloos served as a copy editor and news editor for The Pendulum. In her freshman and sophomore years, she participated in Model U.N. She also worked as a librarian in her junior and senior years. She learned the value of networking with students during her college years through her involvement in several co-curricular activities.

She enjoys writing articles for The Gazette because she is surrounded by the state’s gorgeous scenery. Her love for hiking and traveling led her to accept a job with The Gazette.

Darien Flowers '13

Darien FlowersDarien Flowers ’13 didn’t envision working for a senator from Louisiana, but his interest in politics is allowing him to gain hands-on experience with the political process.

He had an internship with John R. Kasich, current Governor of Ohio, before becoming a legislative aid for Louisiana Senator Bill Cassidy. Flowers encourages students to get involved in political campaigns and seek similar internships to the ones he accepted.

“Get internships with your member of Congress, your senator, even all the way down to your city councilperson,” he said. “There are so many different levels of government and politics for us to be in.”

According to Flowers, Elon prepared him well for his career. The emphasis the university placed on experience led him to participate in several activities and work with numerous on-campus organizations. He was involved in SGA, Model U.N., the Epsilon Alpha chapter of Pi Kappa Phi and College Republicans in college. Flowers said these experiences helped him adapt to an ever-changing environment.

Lindy Terry '14

Lindy_TerrySpecial education was a huge interest Lindy Terry ’14 pursued at Elon University. As a Teaching Fellow, she gained hands-on working experience. Her passion for devoting attention to young students led her to a position as a kindergarten teacher at Hillcrest Elementary School.

Terry enjoys her work because she is able to provide support to students enrolled in a Title I school.

As an Elon student, Terry participated in the lota Psi chapter of Alpha Chi Omega and the all-girl cheerleading team. Her interest in dance has continued in her postgraduate career — she is going to be helping lead a Burlington middle school dance team.

Terry said her main challenge since graduating has been learning how to manage her time and not overextend her schedule. She said the challenge lies in finding a balance between work and relaxation and saying “no.” Terry recommends current Elon students develop lasting relationships with professors because her mentors helped her get a teaching position at Hillcrest.