Gabriela Rosales, the freshman who was critically injured after she was hit by a car on campus in mid-March, has been transferred to WakeMed Health and Hospitals to begin the rehabilitation phase of her recovery.

Last week, Rosales was assessed by a team of therapists to design her rehabilitation plan — which is expected to take three to five hours a day, according to the freshman’s Caring Bridge page.

The recovery has been said to be slow for Rosales. Within the past few weeks alone, Rosales has progressed from a semi-conscious state to being able to breathe on her own and move her arms and legs, according to her Caring Bridge page.

After the accident, her parents, Carmencita and Roberto, traveled from their native Nicaragua to be with their injured daughter. The couple established the Caring Bridge page to consolidate information about the recovery process.

Following a long process that has involved a tracheostomy surgery — to open her windpipe and allow Rosales to breathe on her own — a tube inserted in her throat to allow her to speak, when she can, and other medical measures, Rosales’ Zeta Tau Alpha (ZTA) sisters said they’re anxiously awaiting her recovery.

“Our whole was devastated by the accident,” said junior Alex Daigle, president of the Eta Zeta chapter of ZTA at Elon University, in a statement. “Gaby had just joined ZTA, but she had already made such an impact on our sisters. She is always in our hearts, and we are optimistic about her recovery.”