The Bio Bus service helps many students get to campus, Alamance Crossing, Target and even Lowes grocery store, but a route that is often forgotten is the Downtown Burlington Express Route.

This route was created in 2010 to help bridge the gap between community members and students with hopes that this service would be useful to both.

"It's free it beats walking and it takes you places that you need to go," said community user Prince Blackwell.

Now that the route has been in existence for five years, the route serves as the only public transportation available to community members making the access to this bus critical for the community.

"It's good for the community of Burlington because we have no transportation at all, we all have to walk," said Burlington Resident Phillip Walker.

The loop is an hour long and has 10 stops stopping in places like Allied Churches, May Memorial Library, Wal-Mart and the Burlington Housing Authority. This bus runs Monday through Friday from 2:30pm to 6:30pm. The Kernodle Center even offers to give students and faculty members tours through the Downtown loop.

To request a tour or to find out more about the Downtown Burlington Express route call 336-278-7250.