1. Nation faces frigid temps.

North Carolina is not the only state in the nation experiencing extreme cold. According to the national weather service, most of the eastern half of the country is experiencing record breaking temperatures. Parts of the midwest and southeast are experiencing their coldest temperatures since the 1990s.

2. Justice department lawsuit.

The Justice Department is expected to announce a lawsuit against the ferguson police department, unless the department agrees to make its own changes. The lawsuit is for "discriminatory racial tactics" used by its officers. According to attorney general eric holder, the lawsuit comes after an investigation following the death of Michael Brown by Ferguson police officer, Darren Wilson.

The Justice Department is not expected to announce any charges against Wilson himself, but against the police department as a whole.

3. New secret service head

President Obama named Joseph Clancy as the new head of the Secret Service. Clancy was the chief of the president's security detail. In his new role, Clancy will have to deal with the agency which has endured a number of security breaches in the past few months.

4. Superbug scare

Doctors are concerned at the Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center after two patients died from CRE bacteria, which is also considered a superbug. The drug-resistant bacteria CRE has affected seven patients at the hospital and up to 100 additional patients may have been exposed.

Epidemiologists say that this bacteria can kill half the people who get it. Doctors believe that the patients were exposed to the superbug during routine endoscopic procedures.

5. Take a look at this book.

Although Dr. Seuss died in 1991, a box of his leftover sketches and drawings are coming together in a new book called, What Should I Get. The book is scheduled to be published in july.