Breakfast might become even more nutritional by substituting a chicken egg for a duck egg. Duck eggs have a proportionally larger yolk to the egg itself. It's higher in Omega 3 fatty acids, choline and higher in cholesterol. Minka Farm in Efland N.C. has been selling duck eggs for over three years. One of the owners Kimberly Harris started raising ducks at a home level because of her sensitivity to regular chicken eggs.

According to Harris, duck eggs are rare to find. They are also very expensive due to their rarity and demand. So she started selling them to help those that also suffered from allergies to chicken eggs.

Harris has a higher demand of Duck eggs then what her farm can produce.

"We need to increase our flock we need to build a second house the demand is really high, we have people calling from Wilmington N.C. they want the eggs, its amazing how far people will go for a duck egg" she said.

Harris says that duck eggs hold double the nutrients then a chicken egg does due to their size. But with all the extra nutrients eating duck eggs might not be the best source of protein for those trying to reduce their calorie intake. Aramark regional Dietitian Kimberly Magowan advises people to limit the amount of duck eggs that they eat.

"Duck eggs they provide about twice as many calories, so just be aware of that if you are having duck eggs instead of chicken eggs you might not want to have two when you are only used to having one chicken egg. You're going to have double the cholesterol so just something that you want to be aware of," Magowan said.

According to the dietary guidelines for Americans, a person is only suppose to eat one egg per day. The amount of nutrients you receive from eggs depends more on what they are fed.

Harris feeds her ducks different natural substances to ensure that their eggs are healthy and nutritional.

"They are on vegetarian feeds, they also supplement with bugs and grass. They love bugs especially slugs," Harris said.

Switching from chicken eggs to duck eggs wont have a major impact on your diet, but it will improve the consistency of baked goods.