Fall is a hectic time for television. New shows are premiering daily and fighting for a spot and fan base among well-adjusted series. Some succeed and become runaway hits. Some break under the weight of high expectations. Here is how the new shows of 2014 are faring:


Status: Full season order

FOX’s Batman prequel about James Gordon’s start as a Gotham detective is one of the network’s highest-rated shows this fall. This past week, it had 6.63 million live and same-day views, almost two million more than “Sleepy Hollow,” the more established series in the following time slot. Its steady ratings of more than 6 million viewers makes “Gotham” a strong contender for success. (Monday 8 p.m., FOX)


Status: Full season order

This Monday night drama focuses on genius Walter O’Brien, whose team of highly intelligent associates works for Homeland Security as the last line of defense for complicated global problems. “Scorpion” debuted with a strong 13.8 million views, now settling for more than 10 million a week. With a full season order already, “Scorpion” seems like a score for CBS. (Monday 9 p.m., CBS)


Status: Full season order

The Anthony Anderson series about an upper-middle class black family remains one of the highest rated freshman comedies of this fall. The show premiered at 11 million views, and although this has since fallen, its ratings remain in the high 7 millions. It is the highest-rated show in the post-“Modern Family” slot, so the full season order seems to be in good confidence. (Wednesday 9:30 p.m., ABC)

How to Get Away with Murder

Status: Full season order

Shonda Rhimes has the magic touch. Her newest series under the ShondaLand banner focuses on defense lawyer Annalise Keating and her five wide-eyed interns. The show has remained steady in its ratings. It collected about 9.2 million views this past Thursday (between live and same-day views), which is up from last week. Between that ratings strength and a full season order, “How to Get Away with Murder” is looking strong. (Thursday 10 p.m., ABC)


Status: Full season order

CBS’s procedural drama about detectives in the Los Angeles Police Department’s Threat Assessment Unit has had steady ratings throughout its first couple episodes. It premiered at 9 million viewers, and, while it has dropped a bit, it remains consistent at the 7 million range. These ratings and the full season order show the network’s confidence in the series. (Wednesday 10 p.m., CBS)

Mysteries of Laura

Status: Full season order

This Debra Messing-led comedy-drama about a homicide detective balancing work and home life is another show that has leveled off in the 7 millions. The show has steadily dropped in ratings since its debut at 10.1 million, but the full season order implies NBC’s faith in the future of the series. (Wednesday 8 p.m., NBC)

The Flash

Status: Full season order

The latest superhero drama from The CW looks like it’s here to save another day. Premiering with the highest ratings ever for the network at 4.83 million, the show has continued to bring high viewership for The CW standards. It pulled 3.53 million views in its latest episode. (Tuesday 8 p.m., The CW)


Status: Full season order

This procedural drama about an immortal medical examiner may have a full season order, but the ratings could affect the future of the series. Though it premiered at a respectable 8.2 million, its latest episode pulled a meager 4.95 million viewers. “Forever” may be safe for now, but that could change in May. (Tuesday 10 p.m., ABC)

Marry Me

Status: An additional 5 episodes ordered

This romantic comedy, created by “Happy Endings’” David Caspe, is in the middle of the television road. Premiering to 7.5 million views, “Marry Me” has dropped to 4.5 million views in its most recent episode. NBC has optimistically ordered five additional episodes, bumping up the season to 18 episodes. It seems only time will tell the fate of “Marry Me.” (Tuesday 9 p.m., NBC)

Red Band Society

Status: Four more scripts ordered

This ensemble comedy-drama about a group of teenagers in a pediatric ward is in television limbo. As of now, the series isn’t performing well in the ratings, fluctuating between the high 2 millions and low 3 millions. Although new scripts were ordered, there is no guarantee that more episodes will air. (Wednesday 9 p.m., FOX)

A to Z

Status: Canceled

The romantic comedy “A to Z” is in a spot similar to “Bad Judge.” Its ratings are poor ­— pulling 2.74 million on its latest episode — and NBC decided not to order additional episodes. However, since the show is technically in production, there is a chance to come back. One of the show’s creators, Rashida Jones of “Parks & Recreation,” has launched a Twitter campaign to save the freshman comedy. Whether that will work remains to be seen. (Thursday 9:30 p.m., NBC)


Status: Canceled

This comedy from and about a fictionalized life of former Saturday Night Live writer John Mulaney was one of the earliest to die this TV season. “Mulaney” premiered to a weak 2.3 million viewers, and the number has only decreased since then. The 16-episode order was shortened to 13 before FOX announced they would not be ordering any more episodes. (Sunday 9:30 p.m., FOX)

Bad Judge

Status: Canceled

The freshman comedy about a tough Los Angeles judge with a wild personal life lives in purgatory. It is canceled in the sense that no more episodes were ordered beyond the original 13. But if the ratings can improve from its current 3 million average, there may be hope for the cancellation to be rescinded. (Thursday 9 p.m., NBC)

Manhattan Love Story

Status: Canceled

ABC’s romantic he-said she-said comedy, in the slot following recently canceled “Selfie,” was the first show of the season to be canceled. Its last episode averaged 2.6 million viewers, only pulling 0.7 million among adults aged 18 to 49. The network pulled the series without running out its additional episodes.


Status: Canceled

The ABC comedy based on the classic play “Pygmalion” is the latest show on the chopping block. The network chose not to order any additional episodes of the freshman comedy, which averaged 3.5 million in ratings each week. The remainder of the episodes will play at its regular time. (Tuesday 8 p.m., ABC)