With the construction being done on campus, finding a parking spot can be difficult for students. The Moseley Center parking lot is being turned into a new admissions building, which has removed the majority of parking spaces available to students in that area.

Despite the obvious parking issues, students may not be aware of a parking option. LEV parking permits, for Low Emitting Vehicles, offer students preferred parking spaces located close to campus buildings.

These parking spots have been implemented as part of a campus-wide initiative to lower carbon emissions throughout Elon. The parking spots act as a reward to those who drive low fuel emitting vehicles.

Approximately 2,000 cars made the LEV list, from Honda Accord models to Ford Focuses and Toyota Priuses. You can find the full list on Elon's Sustainability website.

To obtain an LEV sticker, students need an Elon parking permit for either on or off campus. Next, students must confirm that their car is on the official LEV list through Campus Safety and Police and they will award students their sticker.

During school hours students may park in the back Colonnades lot in a LEV designated spot, all other LEV permits are reserved for faculty.