Every year, the students in the Elon in Los Angeles program produce a number of film projects, but their work isn’t as well-known back on Elon University’s campus. This year, Study USA is changing that with a new event, Hollywood on Haggard.

Created by Director of Domestic Programs Mark Dalhouse with professors Jason McMerty and Jen Guy Metcalf, this event is the program’s way to make Elon in LA students’ work more noticeable on campus. 

“We want to conceive an opportunity to publicize Elon in LA and honor those who have worked so hard,” Dalhouse said. “It came from a conversation between Jen, J. McMerty and I, trying to brainstorm ways to become more visible. Now, we have this program.”

Senior Kelly Foran, an Elon in LA summer alumna, acts as the technical director for the premiere event. Foran said that among the spring and summer films from last year, Elon audiences will get a good look at what the students in the programs work for during their stay in LA. 

“I’m essentially gathering all of the films that were made in the spring and summer and compiling them together in order to showcase them to all who attend our event,” Foran said. “The audience can expect a variety of really impressive and diverse films made by Elon students. The event will also give people an awesome look at the Elon in LA program and all that it entails.” 

Hollywood on Haggard, to be held Sept. 17 at 8 p.m. in Pardue Court (between the Performing Arts Center and Lakeside), is a picnic-style outing where students can bring blankets and watch the student films under the stars.

The program encourages its students to film all over the greater Los Angeles area. With such an array of settings, Dalhouse said attendees will see some unbelievable scenes of LA through the lenses of hard-working Elon students. 

“Students on campus can see through these films the incredible diversity of LA, the beauty of LA and the ability to be creative in LA,” Dalhouse said. “The films are both funny and poignant, and they really show the excellence to which the students dedicate themselves.”

Metcalf, the professor of the program’s dance class, is proud of the work the students have done, and believes this event is the time for the students to be recognized for their achievements. 

“I am really excited for student work to be shown back on campus,” Metcalf said. “You’ll see final projects, collaborations between dance, film production and music students, all of which are very dynamic. I am so proud of the work the students did this summer, and I’m thrilled that work has an opportunity to be displayed.”

Beyond highlighting the diverse work of the program’s students, Hollywood on Haggard provides an opportunity for more people to see just what the Elon in LA program is about. Foran added the event will convince more people to check out what the Study USA program has to offer. 

“This event is important because it will help spread the awareness to other Elon students as well to the Elon community that this great program exists,” Foran said. “We hope that the featured films can help inspire students and motivate them to apply.”