The ELN Sports Team may talk all day about Elon Athletics, but on Friday, Aug. 29, we decided to put our money where our mouths were and take to the field for Elon's Annual Sportsfest.

This year, ELN Sports Director Justin Biegel and I served as captains of the team that went out with only only one goal: not to finish last.

More than 80 teams brought their A-game to the intramural fields for SportsFest. We had six rounds of intense physical activity to make it through.The first event first event was the relay race. After a strong start, team ELN came across some trouble when Production Manager Jonathan Winston couldn't hold onto a tennis ball with his neck.

"We definitely lost because of me," Winston said. "But I think they still like me I hope."

It wasn't the best way to start out, but ELN looked to redeem themselves in a fierce competition they took home last year: the sponge race.

Following a strong performance for the second straight year, ELN got the victory let the rest of the teams know they were in it to win it.

Pendulum Sports Editor Tommy Hamzik said the members of his team were unfazed by ELN's success, but his team forfeited shortly after the interview, leading Biegel to say the opposing teams were surely intimidated.


One student who was on the field but not playing for the ELN team was ELN Sports Anchor Jacob LaPlante. This turned out to be a mistake for him, as his team faltered, finishing last in all events.

"I think we're leaving because we haven't won anything and we're like halfway through the day," LaPlante said.

As the afternoon went on, the fatigue set in for ELN and during the sack race, Biegel and I mistimed our steps, causing us to topple over in a heap.

The team pulled through in tug of war and the trolley race to finish the day and was rewarded for all rhie hard work, finishing in 19th place, good enough for free t-shirts.

Campus Recreation Employee Andrew Mitchell said that he was unimpressed with ELN's performance, but offered some advice to the team.

"Go to Rampus Rec and maybe get a personal trainer," he said. "Or at least use some of the equipment and get more fit."