In less than three months, graduating seniors will sit under the oaks for the commencement ceremony, but right now, branches, twigs and ice cover Elon's campus after an ice storm.

Many tree branches fell on brick paths, blocking the way for students to walk.

Physical Plant workers have been doing anything they can to clear the debris.

The ice that coats the limbs makes them so heavy, it's hard for workers to pick them up on their own. Physical Plant has been on campus since 6 a.m. using saws and chainsaws to chop up these trees and get them off campus.

Physical Plant said they are recruiting a tree clean-up service to help get these branches off the ground. Saturday morning, Tarheel Tree Service will take charge of removing the oak from the Belk Pavilion.

Tom Flood, assistant director of Physical Plant, said Tarheel Tree Service will bring "a crane and other machines" to clear out the massive tree Saturday. He expects the process to last all day.

Flood also says Physical Plant will be removing all dangerous limbs from trees around campus tomorrow. With all the damages, he expects the total cleanup process to take as long as two weeks to complete.

The skies aren't gray for everyone at Elon. Prospective student Trishae Winters came to campus for fellows weekend and isn't discouraged by the weather.

"I mean it's a really nice campus," Winters said. "It's probably better when it's not frozen over, but I mean, I like it so far. It's really pretty."

Even her father is looking on the bright side.

"It's amazing to see everything is crystalized and ice," said Bill Winters. "It's just a perfect temperature storm, if you will."

Fellows weekend activities remain on schedule for tomorrow.