Dancing, cheering, screeching and a lot of shouting filled Alumni gym, Saturday, March 8.

It was all a part of the second annual Stroll-Off, hosted by Alpha Phi Alpha Inc.

This year they had a special opening act.

"The Alphas approached us and wanted some of our Boys and Girls Club kids to be part of the show, to be the opening act," said Tara Nager, Alamance County Boys and Girls Club Program Director. "So they came to the Boys and Girls Club, [and] practiced the routine to step with the kids."

The Boys and Girls Club is a child-centered organization with several different programs that aim at developing character, leadership, health & life skills, education and many more attributes in America's youth. The Alphas worked with these kids a few days each week to prepare for the event.

"The kids love it," Nager said. "They always ask, 'When are they coming back, when are they coming back?'"

Boys and Girls Club members Mikaya Baldwin and Willie Turner explained why they enjoyed preparing for the Stroll-Off.

"It feels fun," Baldwin said. "They want us to learn [and] it's funny at the same time."

"We get to watch the older people do it and learn more from them," Turner said.

They also expressed their appreciation for the Boys and Girls Club.

"You get to meet new friends and play with them every day," Turner said. "[And] our staff will always push you to do more."

At the end of the show, Alpha Kappa Alpha and Phi Beta Sigma took home the Stroll-Off trophies. Alpha Zi Delta also won an award at the Stroll-Off.

The money will go towards their philanthropy.