The Board of Aldermen has recently proposed some changes to the town of Elon. In a $160,000 plan, houses along Haggard Avenue, as well as Skid's Restaurant and other local businesses are to be replaced by offices and town commons.

Mike Gregory, a 40-year resident of the Town of Elon College before it was the Town of Elon, says he's sad to see the loss of small businesses but thinks that it will be a good change overall.

"As the university continues to grow, I think it will be a positive for the town and very much positive for the university," Gregory said.

However, not everybody is welcoming the change. Delores Foster works at Coming Attractions Hair Salon at 210 N. Holt Ave., and she says she's not excited about her recently renovated beauty shop turning into a parking lot.

"I'm really upset over it," Foster says. "We're all upset. Six people make a living in this beauty shop."

The town of Elon is holding their regular meeting at town hall on Monday at 6:00 p.m. Foster says she will not be in attendance but she has heard of many residents who plan to attend and speak out against the new proposal.