As spring semester kicks into high gear, many transfer students begin getting acclimated at Elon.

"I really like the smaller class sizes, I had at least 2 or 3 last semester that had 250 people. I was just a little overwhelmed, especially as a freshman to have so many people," said Allison Symes, transfer student.

Symes transferred to Elon from UNC Charlotte this past spring. Symes decided to come to Elon, not only because of the size of the campus, but also because it was closer to home. She said that she was very close with her family and it was hard going to school so far away.

While some students want to be closer to home, other transfer students may want to get away from bad environments.

"Well, actually up at Northeastern, it was a big party school, and I didn't really like that and I also had some allergic reactions to drugs that people were smoking on campus, so it was actually pretty bad," Isaac Troijios said.

Troijos said he looked for a school that a rigorous academic environment was important to him and Elon ended up being a perfect fit.

Both transfer students appreciate the different aspects of campus life that Elon has to offer.

"I absolutely love the way they do all the traditions and stuff here. Up at Northeastern, we had our fight song for the hockey games and stuff, but other than that there weren't any real traditions," Troijios said.

Although they are new on campus, both students said they feel welcomed at Elon.

"I've only been here a week but I feel like I've been here my whole life," Troijios said.