Many Elon students took their luck for a spin on Saturday, Nov. 26, at Alamance Crossing. For the first time ever, the Wheelmobile stopped in Burlington in search on contestants for the Wheel of Fortune.

Hundreds of local hopefuls turned out for the event, some traveling from different states and counties. Here's how it works. The names of attendees are put into a random drawing. If picked, those individuals get a chance to solve the puzzle against five other players.

Two Elon students, Mackenzie Weigel and Kyron Turner, both got their names picked from the crowd. Even though their guessing did not make the cut, their personalities definitely shined as they sang and danced on stage with the Wheelmobile hosts. Wheel of Fortune hosts say their spunky personalities could be enough to score them a call back audition.

Producers of the show are looking for contestants who stand out from the crowd and are fun to watch. If contestants made the cut, they'll get an email from the show within the next 3 months inviting them back to a second round of auditions when the wheel mobile returns to Burlington.

From there, finalist will be selected to appear on the broadcast version of the show. Each year about 10,000 people try out for the show and about 600 make it onto the actual broadcast.