Some people may say that dance just "isn't a sport," but Elon Dance Team Coach Megan Smith said the team puts in as much time as varsity athletes. The team dances at every football and basketball game, and she says they practice up to 12 hours a week.

"They're making sure they are supporting all of the athletic department, they're making sure they are representing themselves and Elon," Smith said. "They have to follow all of the ethics guides, as far as what they put on social media. They go to conditioning, they have to make sure they eat proper nutrition proper diet. There's a lot that goes into it, not just dance."

The Dance team's season starts in August and ends in March after basketball. This time of year is especially hectic for the team because they dance for two sports during the weeks the football and basketball seasons overlap. For the dance team this transition to basketball is exciting, especially because Elon is favored to win the SOCON.

"Football is more on the field, we can't do as many turns, and leaps, and we're dancing with marching band... When we get to basketball games we do more dance element," co-captain Hanna Wentz said.

As a senior, Wentz says she has seen the team and school spirit progress at Elon. Both Wentz and her Co-Captain Haley Hawkins believe the dance team has a special connection to Elon athletics.

"There's a much different atmosphere with cheering someone on and getting to experience the happiness when there's a win, and when a team loses, we feel the sadness with that. We do our best to keep the spirits up and keep everyone in the stands happy. I think it really helps the team," Hawkins said.

The Elon Dance Team will perform this winter at all the basketball games. Spectators can expect a half-time routine that is much different than their performances at football games. They debuted their new hip-hop dance at the last basketball home game.