Meals On Wheels is an organization in Alamance County that started 41 years ago. At the time, the organization delivered 15 meals a day, Monday through Friday, to people in need. Now, volunteers of the organization delivers more than 300 meals a day.

The executive director of Meals on Wheels, Elon graduate Anne Baker said feeding people and making sure no one goes hungry truly makes her happy.

"I think it is very important wanting your basic things is shelter, food, water, and so I like that I am able to help provide that to people," Baker said.

Baker realizes that without the help of volunteers, Meals On Wheels could not exist. These volunteers can become their lifeline.

"We have had many clients who have fallen and if the volunteer had not been coming to their door every day no one would have checked on them and so we were able to call EMS and help them get to the hospital and help them get the care that they needed," she said.

Baker said it is important to realize that it is more than just a food delivery service; it's a smile or even a life lesson.

"I try for my girls to come and deliver from time to time and so that they know that what I do other than and just knowing that mommy feeds elderly people. They get to see the people that I help and understand that it's important to help others whenever it's possible," she said.

Without Meals on Wheels, clients like Mae Joyce Cousin would have an extremely difficult time surviving on their own.

"I am tired a lot now and I stay stressed a lot. I stay stressed. The least little thing can stress me out," Cousin said.

Cousin has been battling cancer for 17 years. In 1996 she had breast cancer, in 2004 she had lung cancer, in 2010 the lung cancer came back and now in 2013, Cousin is dealing with liver cancer.

"I know I am going to beat it because I beat all these other cancers so I am going to beat this one too. I'm a fighter," she said.

Meals On Wheels comes around lunch time to deliver a daily meal to Cousin.

"When Meals On Wheels comes, oh, I look forward to it cause they have some good stuff in there. It is terrific, I love it," Cousin said.

For Cousin, the volunteers do so much more than deliver the meals. They check in on her, ask her how she is doing, and even help her around the house.

"The people are so nice. Sometimes they come in and they say, 'You got anything you want us to do?' They will go to the mail box and get your mail," she said.

To Cousin, Meals on Wheels is more than just a service, it is a friend.