Elon sophomore Andrew Mitchell turned his passion for fitness into a business. Certified by The American Council on Exercise, he is both a personal trainer and founder of AMPT Fitness.

AMPT Fitness is Mitchell's personal training and fitness consulting business. Through it, he trains clients at Elon, as well as at home in Cincinnati.

AMPT Fitness also operates as a Facebook page where he shares his signature workouts, motivational quotes, and diet tips. Despite launching this summer, his popular page already has more than 5,000 likes.

He believes there is no excuse not to exercise.

"You don't need to be fit, you need to have goals. As long as you're disciplined and know what you want to do you can go in there and pretty much do anything, anywhere, anytime, and that's the beauty of it," Mitchell said.

Mitchell said a good workout can be completed in as little as ten minutes. He recommended box jumps, ladder exercises, and one of his favorites: the ropes as quick and efficient work out routines.

He has plans of expanding AMPT Fitness. Mitchell would like to trademark 'Get AMPT' and some of his other signature workouts. He said students will start seeing more of AMPT Fitness around campus.

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