Students are back on campus following fall break, but they probably noticed some changes to where they are allowed to park.

Construction on the new Inman Admissions Center, opening in 2015, reduced the Moseley Center parking lot to 100 spaces reserved strictly for faculty and staff, admissions visitors and campus visitors. A few parking spaces will still be open to students with parking permits for quick visits to Moseley, but these spaces are limited to 20 minutes.

Changes to the Mosley lot has hit other parking areas around campus, too. Some students are no longer allowed to park in the McMichael lot, and all commuter students will have to park in other lots, including Danieley Center, East Gym, Arts West, Hunt Stadium and Colonnades.

The McMichael parking lot is now reserved for faculty and staff, visitors and students with either a Greek Court, Francis Center or Graduate Student permit.

The university opened a new parking lot on East College Ave. (now open), but this lot is designated for students living in the Historic Neighborhood. This is a change for Historic Neighborhood residents who had temporary parking along Lebanon Ave.

Students are still allowed to park in any of the lots mentioned after 5 p.m. through 7 a.m. during the week and on the weekends, except for special events.

Contact Campus Safety and Police at 336-278-5555 with any questions regarding the new parking changes.

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