Last year we introduced you to Lake Blalock, the former Town of Elon Police Department's parking enforcer. Elon Local News recently learned that Blalock passed away from cancer on July 1.

Blalock had been diagnosed with cancer 9 years ago after a van accident forced her to be hospitalized.

Members of the Town of Elon Police Department were requested to serve as pallbearers at her funeral service.

Replacing her as the new parking enforcer is Alamance County native Larry Boggs.

Boggs, 72, formerly worked in the Sheriff's Department and now works part time as a parking enforcer with Elon senior Alexander Leiden.

Boggs says he is a "happy go lucky" guy and doesn't want Elon students to jump to the wrong conclusion if he gives them a parking ticket.

"We're just trying to do our jobs," Boggs said. "We understand you're here trying to get an education and you don't have much money. We don't just go out to give you a ticket to wring in money. I get nothing out of it. I get my regular salary."

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