One of the newest changes to Elon Campus Dining that students are noticing is the new menu options at Varsity Sports Grill, or rather, what is no longer an option.

Chicken sandwiches, among other items on the Varsity menu can no longer be found on the meal exchange. Instead, these options can be found next door in the Chick-fil-A retail location.

Chick-fil-A is currently closed, but is scheduled to be opening around fall break, District Marketing Manager, Katie Nelson said.

A new on-campus dining option, Biscuitville, also serves chicken and is now open for business. Biscuitville is located in the Garden Cafe in Moseley Center.

"After Chick-fil-A opens and after Biscuitville opens, if people aren't satisfied with those chicken options, we can always look into bringing it back to Varsity, but we just kind of wanted to switch up the menu to give more variety and also increase the speed of service in there as much as possible," Nelson said.