By the time finals come around in May, we are begging for summer vacation. Our first few days are spent lounging in the sun, in bed or on the couch. Yet, after about a week, boredom sets in and it’s time for a little variety.

Summer is a time for relaxation and rest, but can also be devoted to self-improvement, adventure and new experiences. Start a summer to-do list. Give yourself goals and inspiration. Here are some ideas to get you started.

Make new room decorations - After all that time spent on Pinterest, there are bound to be some projects you want to try out. Pick one. Make a new decoration for your apartment or dorm. Go crazy at the craft store. Unleash your creativity.

Experiment with fruit and vegetable recipes – With summer comes the best produce. Take advantage of the great flavors and great nutrients by experimenting with as many fruits and vegetables as possible. Grill them, cook them, add them as side dishes or as great main dishes. Take advantage of the season and go crazy with fresh fruits and vegetables!

Pick up a hobby – There is always that one hobby you wish you had, but just never find the time to get around to. Try your hand at painting, playing guitar, or even learning yoga. Whatever you always wished you could do, dedicate time to giving it a shot!

Have a weekly spa day – Summertime can take a toll on your skin. Each week, take a day and pamper yourself. Take a luxurious bath, moisturize, do a facemask, and paint your nails a bright color. Take time for yourself.

Have an adventure close to home – Take out a map. Figure out how far you could go in about an hour. Find yourself on the map and put that point at the center of a circle showing how far you can go in an hour’s time. Now, pick somewhere in the circle and go explore a new place. Often we overlook the immediate experiences around us. Appreciate your area and go have an adventure close to home.

Take daily walks – Unplug the headphones. Put the phone on silent. Once a day, take a walk and just listen to your thoughts. Watch the sunset. Enjoy the smells and sounds of summer.

Plan a weekend of exploration – Save up some money, get some friends together and go explore a brand new city. Spend a weekend in a new place. Research landmarks, points of interest, fun restaurants and great places for nightlife, and go to as many as possible,

Throw a barbecue – Throw a classic summertime get-together. Get dressed up, and invite your friends and family over for a classic barbeque. Nothing is better than enjoying a warm summer evening with good company and tasty food.

Wake up early and watch the sun rise – Set your alarm for early in the morning (as in before 9 a.m., college students). Put on your comfiest slippers, sit outside and watch the new day begin as the sun peeks over the horizon. Oh, and don’t forget your steaming mug of coffee or tea.