Sure, the new Lakeside Dining Hall is great. But I thought it would be fun to see if for a week, I could find food without having to swipe the Phoenix Card. I was able to find some free food every day but one.

I started on a Thursday and that brought me to midnight meals. SUB teamed up with the Black Cultural society to host Family Feud and I got to enjoy some nuggets and fries. Yum! The perfect study break.

SUB came through again for me on Friday with free food. I got to enjoy some music while chowing down on popcorn and pizza at SUBs open mic night.

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Campus was quiet on Saturday and I was unable to find anything but on Sunday it was over to the Hillel House. Hillel was dedicating their new house and there were some delicious options at the Aramark catered event. Vegetable Rolls, chips and humus, chocolate chip cookies for dessert, and more. To drink I had a personal favorite, fuzzy navel.

I was nervous that I wouldn't be able to find any free food on campus on Monday but little did I know it was Phi Mu's Founders Day and they were giving away cupcakes. A sweet treat doesn't hurt here and there.

Then on Tuesday came my favorite tradition at Elon, College Coffee. ELONTHON actually started a flash mob. But I was too busy enjoying my donuts and another personal favorite, hot apple cider. Mmmmm.

I wrapped up the free food search late on Wednesday night, some would call it Thursday but to library goers, it was still Wednesday. I took a break from the books and got some Panera snacks in the writing center.

As a bonus, don't forget the food at Numen Lumen formally known as College Chapel every Thursday Morning. It was a fun week with good food and good company. As a final piece of advice if you are looking free food, in the event you do have to swipe, make the most of it and take some fruit from the dining hall on your way out.