Julie Crothers has been dancing for most of her life . And thanks to her dad... her favorite activity took her to a bigger stage. Crothers says, "He's like would you want to go and perform in New York the solo that you shared with me and I said sure thinking that it wouldn't actually happen." One of her dad's co-workers has a connection to a dance show in the Big Apple. After seeing a video of Crothers' choreography, she was asked to perform.

"It's a really small scale dance concert that features works of art especially dance that shows the transforming of power of art and peoples lives. Its specifically highlighting stories of resiliency in peoples lives and how we have overcome our situations." The show's theme was: Overcoming Situations and for Crothers that was nothing new. She was born with just one arm and wears a prosthetic arm. Crothers' sees her obstacle as a blessing in disguise. This solo is the first time I've ever performed without my arm on which is kinda a big deal and through the content of this solo I'm just kinda putting myself out there, sharing my story trying to be open with the audience and just say who I am and what I'm all about.

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Crothers' hopes her New York city performance will help her dance career. "It gives me exposure, you know? I'm not sure who's going to be there to see the show. And it's just a great experience."

Crothers says the performance was a success.