1.     Lessen the stress. Exam week is awful but that doesn’t mean you make it worse by stressing yourself out to the max. Take some you time so that you can be somewhat sane when it comes to taking the actual exam. Avoid stressful people… secondhand stress is powerful and runs rampant throughout Belk.

2.     Organize your time. Is there anything more fulfilling than crossing off that huge assignment in your planner? Think ahead, if you budget your time and have goals for everyday exam time will seem a lot less overwhelming. Plus you wont have any surprises down the road.

3.     Stay Healthy. No, pulling all nighters and no,  surviving on nothing but chicken strips isn’t going to help you get that A. Research shows that if your sleep deprived when the test lands on your desk chances are you wont do well. Eating is important, you need the proper fuel to stay focused. Plus if you rely on a concoction of junk food, sugar and caffeine your more likely to crash.

4.     Know that this isn’t going to be fun. Its rough, it’s exam week and the temptation to turn the computer off and run away to a party is high. You must resist. Partying all night isn’t going to help you remember the krebs cycle. Plus, if you do go out that’s one more night you haven’t been studying, a night you’ll have to make up. Stress will build.

5.     Dress to Impress. Feeling confident can really help. Make sure you’ve gotten a good night sleep the night before your exam. It could also help to take a nice relaxing shower and its okay to doll yourself up a little.  Your not going to remember anything anyway if your cram the morning before, so you might as well take a breather and get in a good state of mind before you sit in front of your dreaded final.