I apologize in advance if this is going to come off as preachy. That's not my intention. I just wanted to recap how I was able to break news today for like the first time in my journalism life.

I was in class when it happened. Multimedia journalism. We had some sort of in-class assignment to do and I checked my email to get the link to it. Once that happens, the tab is open to my email and nothing that happens afterward to derail my paying attention should be my fault. At least in my world.

Anyway, a few minutes later, I get an email from Cory Harrilchak's father telling me his son will be playing in AAA tomorrow for the Gwinnett Braves. Needless to say, this is a huge story. From researching former Elon players in the pros on baseball-reference.com, I gathered that he's the first former Phoenix to play at this level since 2008.

And I think I broke this story simply because I checked up on my source a couple of days ago. I interviewed Harrilchak for an article on Elon alums in the pros back in January. Knowing that baseball season is getting ready to start, I texted Harrilchak last Saturday and asked him if he had heard anything about where he would be assigned for this season. He told me he thought it would be Mississippi.

Then, today happened. I was emailed by a source that is obviously in the know. Because I kept good relations with Harrilchak, I was able to text him and give him a call as he's on the team bus on the way to Durham for tomorrow's opening day.

Now that's what I call journalism.