I was coming out of Moseley Monday afternoon when I saw three or four guys balancing on this rope on Young Commons. I had my camera with me (surprise) and went up to them and started a conversation. This group of guys, including senior Graham Giley, were enjoying the beautiful spring weather and trying to find their balance while slack lining, not tightrope walking.

Gilley let me give it a try but I my miserable attempt was nothing compared to their skill. At one point they had two guys on the line and they battled to see who had better balance. I started taking a few photos of them but then wanted to incorporate the newly bloomed tree, so I found my inner squirrel and climbed up in the tree. It was a fun activity for a spring afternoon. Gilley and his friends just set their line up whenever they are free in the afternoon and just want to hang out. Gilley informed me that there is another group on campus that has a slack line and also sets up throughout campus. I asked if they would ever battle or have a tournament but Giley just laughed it off.