Whenever I pick up any type of print publication, I want to open it up to find stories that I actually want to read and photos that I want to look at. I think we sometimes find ourselves looking at a newspaper, magazine or some other product and create a stereotype for it based on our past experiences with it.

That’s why I want this magazine to serve as an outlet for you. It’s important for you as students to embrace the surrounding culture, and I hope The Edge will help accomplish that. I believe that with each story, no matter what the topic, you will learn or benefit from it in some way. Whether you’re male, female, a statistics major or a communications major — it doen’t matter. And it shouldn’t matter.

I hope you find something for you in this first edition of The Edge and enjoy all the hard work the staff put in it for your benefit.

This is your magazine. I want your feedback, and I want your contributions. It doesn’t matter if you’ve written 40 articles or none at all, because the entire staff of The Edge is here to help you! Please send any questions, comments or concerns that you might have to me at kriley4@elon.edu.