Runner or non-runner, black Friday is a chaotic mess of people, sale signs, and choices.  Do I want the dress or the skirt?  Dress.  Do I want the lacey dress or sparkly dress?  Sparkle (always).  ….what about new make-up?  Or should I spend that money on a new Chi to straighten my hair?

This year, I was efficient in making decisions, and I left the mall with my wallet a little skinnier and my bags stuffed more than my stomach was the day before.

I was content, planning out my holiday outfits for the next two weeks…until I passed the running store.  That’s when regret and guilt hit.

Why hadn’t I stopped here first?!  I felt like I was cheating on running with cute clothes…and I wear running clothes every day.  I willed myself to keep walking, but I couldn’t resist the urge to step inside.

Instantly, I wished I had saved some money for the shoes, clothes, and accessories in the store.

That’s why I made my 2011 running Christmas wish list that I am sharing with you today…runners and friends of runners take note-these presents may be perfect for you or your running friend!

1.  Garmin Forerunner watch

Never have to use Map My Run or guess mileage again, these watches also track heart rate and pace per mile/kilometer.

2.  Zeesha Compression socks 

Prevent against shin splints and aid recovery with Zeesha tights.  They come as socks or shin sleeves in 12 different colors.

3.  Foam Roller

Stretch out and relieve tightness from cold winter runs with a foam roller…although they can be painful to use, the results are a present enough.

4.  Membership to Massage Envy

For when your muscles are too sore to foam roll and you need professional help.

5.  Any running gear

Shorts, sports bras, socks, gloves, hats, you name it.  Preferrably from Lulu Lemon, Nike, or Adidas.