It was less than two weeks ago that the faculty voted down proposed changes to the General Studies curriculum, yet steps are already being taken to decide what will come of the efforts and research behind the proposed curriculum.

Discussion about the proposal continues and will take place this week in several meetings, according to Provost Steven House. These meetings include a Town Hall Forum, discussions with senior faculty and the meeting of the General Studies Review Committee.

Although faculty will be engaging in these discussions, students have shared their thoughts on the significance of the proposal being voted down.

"The fact that the proposal was voted down makes me a little concerned because it means that Elon isn't making the General Studies curriculum a top priority," said sophomore Nick Medlock. "But at the same time, I am pleased with the current curriculum and never thought a revision was necessary."

Sophomore John Antonelli agrees with Medlock in that he finds the current curriculum to be constructive to his academic studies. But he also understands the reasoning behind the proposal.

"I feel like Elon wouldn't be trying to make these changes if they were to have any sort of negative effect," he said. "I understand the changes could be tough on faculty and students at first, but in the long run it could be more beneficial."

Antonelli also expressed a broader concern about a general lack of awareness among students.

"I don't think very many students knew there had even been a proposal made," he said. "I would like to see more information concerning these types of proposals given to students, especially when the subject directly affects the student body."

Look for another update on the General Studies program, following faculty discussions, in next week's edition.