Several cars parked on Lebanon and East College Avenues were damaged this past weekend, a situation currently being looked into by the Elon town police. The damage consisted of shattered windows and in at least one case a side mirror had been knocked off.

Affected sophomore Ashley Fowler learned no cameras overlook either street, an observation also made by Kimberly Lilienthal, who returned to school Nov. 13 from a retreat to find her windows broken. Neither student found anything to be missing from their cars, but Lilienthal said she thinks more needs to be done to improve the safety of students and their property.

"I feel that it should be campus security's responsibility to install security cameras or have a surveillance car on a road that is at high risk for vandalism," she said. "Overall I am just disappointed with the lack of response and concern regarding a situation that has been recurring on the weekends since I've come to Elon."

Elon town police are continuing to investigate the situation.