The campaigning is over, the votes have been cast and the results are in. Seven freshmen have been elected to various positions within the Student Government Association, with Joe Incorvia serving as president of the freshman class. Incorvia credits his win to a video he posted on Facebook during the summer, claiming he made a name for himself before the school year even started.

"I got some really good feedback, and people were like, 'You should be our president,'" he said. "Eventually I realized I wouldn't mind doing that. I figured it would be a good start because I would get organized and get involved."

Sarah Paille-Jansa, the vice president of the freshman class, was equally as excited to get involved, she said. Although running for the position was out of her comfort zone, she decided it would be a valuable way to see how SGA is conducted.

"I randomly went to the interest meeting out of curiosity," Paill-Jansa said. "I was not in SGA in high school, but I was president of a lot of different clubs. I'm really excited about doing something different and new."

Incorvia also held multiple leadership positions in high school, but was never inclined to be a part of student government.

"In high school, it's more of a popularity contest, not so much as who wants to do what for the school," he said.

Incorvia said he is passionate about collaborating with his classmates to make a difference at Elon and in the surrounding community.

"My main idea is class unity and bringing all of us together because you can get so much more accomplished that way," Incorvia said. "I've been thinking about starting a scholarship for Lauren Astley. Doing things that make it the best four years for us, and for everyone coming after us, and the town and the community as a whole."

Both Incorvia and Paille-Jansa are looking forward to working with their fellow officers. Adrienne Euler is the class secretary and Ciera Martinez the class treasurer. Robert Lachenauer, Joe Duncan and Kristopher Jiles are the class senators.

Ten freshmen ran for office this year: three for president, two for vice president, one for secretary, one for treasurer and three for senator, and there are still two vacant positions.

"The only unfilled positions in the freshman class are two senator seats, which will be filled by appointments made by the Executive President Sam Warren," said Ellen Fraser, co-chair of the SGA election committee. "Usually, he will offer the positions to those that participated in the election but were not elected."

This election is comparable to ones in the past, according to Rachel Long, executive vice president of SGA.

"The number of candidates in this fall's election were fairly normal," Long said. "Last year, we had a standout year with many more candidates."

Paille-Jansa speculates that because the elections were so early on in the school year, many students were focused on moving in and getting settled rather than running for a position.

"It's something that a lot of people thought about, but there's a lot of things going on," she said. "SGA starts so much earlier than everything else because they want to get the freshman class involved as quickly as possible"