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NEWS 3/9/13 12:50pm

The Painter’s Roost allows guests to paint, socialize in eclectic atmosphere

Anita O’Donnell spends her days in a quaint, light-filled space surrounded by uniquely refurbished furniture and a paint-splattered floor. O’Donnell, owner of The Painter’s Roost which was recently established on Huffman Mill Road, offers people of any age or skill level the opportunity to improve one’s painting abilities. Upon walking into the store, one is overcome by the homeyness that characterizes the painting studio — the bright color palette of the interior and the studio’s eclectic rooster decor immediately transports customers to an old country farmhouse. For $25-$45 per person, each customer is supplied with necessary materials such as brushes, a canvas, an easel and paint to complete their own masterpiece.

NEWS 2/27/13 6:55pm

Model UN credits No. 22 national ranking to strong focus, debate skill

Few college students can say their opinions regarding global security crises and policies are heard loud and clear, not to mention actually considered as possible solutions. But for Elon University’s Model United Nations team, comprised of five executive board members and nearly 70 participating students, their thoughtfully researched proposals and positions at various Model UN conferences throughout the fall season led them to be ranked as No.

NEWS 2/23/13 10:11am

Smooth Progressions presents opportunities as new all-male a cappella group

There are so many a cappella groups on campus, sometimes it’s tough to keep track. With rehearsals, concerts, competitions and recordings, as well as repertoires ranging from pop to indie, each a cappella group at Elon University boasts its own particular identity. While Rip_Chord has been Elon’s lone all-male group since its establishment in 2006, junior Montez Brown and sophomore Cody Schmidt have broken this six-year precedent by founding newest all-male a cappella group, Smooth Progressions. “Over the past few years I have become aware of the immense amount of vocal talent on campus that often gets neglected due to limited space in other groups and performances,” Brown said.

NEWS 2/11/13 1:51pm

University’s ‘puppy room’ provides stress relief opportunity for students

As man’s best friend, dogs are common fixtures in family homes as well as popular visitors in hospitals and senior centers. Recently, furry little friends are slowly becoming the newest addition to college campuses, helping to relieve stress often put on students during final exams. The fad came to light when the National Post reported Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia, had set up a “puppy room” during final exams week in early December 2012. “It fills a niche that people need right now because students are super stressed,” said Michael Kean, a Dalhousie junior who proposed the idea. Student stress is the reason why Dalhousie decided to work with a pet therapy organization called Therapeutic Paws of Canada. Research has shown the health benefits of therapy animals, which is why creating a puppy room for students has become a popular idea.

NEWS 1/20/13 5:24pm

Tapped Out! students, faculty embrace challenge of dance production

On Friday evening and Saturday afternoon, upbeat and remixed renditions of music history’s most infamous tracks, along with the sound of metal clicking and clacking on a stage floor, filled Elon’s McKinnon Hall. The occasion was Tapped Out!, Elon’s annual dance production showcasing 13 entertaining and rhythmic performances by the Elon Tap Ensemble.

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