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NEWS 6/25/15 6:49pm

Elon establishes town fire department

Elon has officially established a town fire department as of Tuesday, June 23. This comes after the Elon Board of Aldermen passed a series of agreements and a resolution during a specially called meeting on Tuesday.

NEWS 11/16/14 7:15pm

Elon senior to compete in national pageant competition

While some students begin to plan their winter breaks, one Elon senior plans to compete. Senior Yasmine Arrington has many titles to her name: she's a College Fellow, the founder of ScholarCHIPS, and soon, she may be Miss Plus U-S-of-A. "I'm just really thrilled to be in the running and to be the official representative of the District of Columbia and of course, I'll be joined with other young women through out the fifty states," Arrington said. Miss Plus USofA is a national, multifaceted competition for plus sized women.

NEWS 9/15/14 1:06am

YouTuber begins journey at Elon

You may say first year student Katy Bellotte has several online friends. She has close to 300 thousand YouTube subscribers. "It's crazy to think that I'm sitting in my dorm filming a video and [a] million people have the chance to watch it," Bellotte said. Her channel has more than 21 million views, but her online presence goes beyond YouTube.

NEWS 9/2/14 11:48pm

Student to staff, recent alums return to Elon

At every graduation President Lambert shares an old Elon adage with hundreds of seniors ready to embark on a new chapter of their lives: "You may leave Elon, but Elon will never leave you". While the phrase may ring true for many graduates, some chose to begin a new chapter on familiar ground. "I was kind of waiting for that post graduation meltdown of 'everyone's going back to school and I'm not going back to school, it's crazy - and then I came back to school," said Elon alum Diana Abrahams. Abrahams, class of 2014, majored in Exercise Science with a minor in Jewish Studies, and worked at the Truitt Center for Religious Life as an undergraduate.

NEWS 10/10/12 10:14am

Changes Coming to McEwen School of Communications

Elon's communication majors will be seeing some changes to their school in the not so distant future. Within the next three to four years Dean Paul Parsons of the Communications School expects renovations to the McEwen communications building to begin. The current plans include connected buildings that overtake the parking lot nearest McEwen and eventually connect into Long.