Emma Braun

Emma Braun, from Atlanta, is one of four senior Fashion reporters for The Edge Magazine. Currently, she is studying Cinema and Television Arts with minors in Religious Studies and Professional Sales. Whether she's writing for the magazine or reading one of the 10 magazines she has currently has a subscription to, her mind is always on fashion and style. During those brief moments when she isn't nose-deep in an issue of Vogue, she's always ready to watch or movie or, at least, talk about one.

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NEWS 4/11/16 9:30pm

Thrift happens: vintage and thrift shopping tips

Thrift and vintage shopping is an art form. There's something mesmerizingly cathartic about sifting through racks of t-shirts and oversized sweaters, and the moment a true gem is found makes the whole process worthwhile. To ensure that each trip to Goodwill never ends empty handed, here are some tips and tricks for perfecting the art of thrift shopping.

NEWS 12/3/15 5:10pm

Boot envy

As long as you can boast each of these styles, boot envy doesn't stand a chance.

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