Make WT '16 more than diverse

12/2/15 8:00am

The university is sticking to its commitment to promoting on-campus diversity by nearly forcing students to attend these events, so it’s also up to the students to both take advantage of the opportunity and recognize the efforts Elon administration is making. The kinds of opportunities offered, though, ...

'Who am I to know these things?'

12/1/15 11:48am

There’s a very real phenomenon called imposter syndrome, coined in 1978 by U.S. psychologists Pauline Clance and Suzanne Imes. According to the New York Times, for them it meant a feeling of falseness “in people who believe that they are not intelligent, capable or creative despite evidence of high ...

I challenge you to tell your truth

12/1/15 9:44am

Fifteen years ago, my family moved from Caracas, Venezuela, to Cary, North Carolina. I am now 18 and have spent the entirety of my life navigating my way between two different cultures.

Diversity is gold

11/19/15 9:39am

The only way that we will be able to continue to preserve this richness, this gold that we call diversity, is by promoting a model that is inclusive for all, where the human being is a race by itself, entitled to own the same rights and different beliefs and perspectives of the world.

Please, don't be afraid to talk

11/18/15 8:00am

There's not a lot to say. Some of us knew Demitri Allison. Some of us didn’t. But we’re all mourning the loss of a member of our Elon University community.

Help change Elon for the better

11/18/15 8:00am

The Presidential Task Force on Campus Social Climate and Out-of-Class Engagement is working toward making the Elon experience better for everyone here, but it can’t do it alone.

Fellows Programs should be equal

11/11/15 1:01pm

Every March, hundreds of high school seniors flood onto Elon University’s campus, all hoping to earn a spot in one of Elon’s prestigious Fellows Programs. These programs offer students opportunities for academic and professional exploration beyond those already offered by the university.


11/10/15 7:38pm

As educated people, we’re encouraged to face truths about the world. Often, horrible truths.

What's wrong?

11/10/15 7:36am

I know you’re thinking: Oh, here comes another old professor talking about how we kids today are all messed up.

The 72 percent

11/4/15 12:11pm

In the fall of 1999, my next-door neighbor asked me how I felt about my new place after having moved from Illinois to North Carolina two months earlier.

Help us help you create your life story

11/3/15 6:10pm

How meaningful are the relationships you’re creating? How purposeful are you in picking activities that will add depth to your learning? What is the contribution of Greek life to Elon’s social climate? If going to a house party isn’t your scene, what do you want to do on a weekend night?