The Danieley Center Neighborhood hosted its 15th annual Chick'n Pick'n event on Saturday and brought students together for a little competition. Students competed for prizes by grilling chicken and were judged by Elon faculty and staff.

Though it was a nice day to be outside, only six out of 19 teams showed up at Chick’n Pick’n.

While the teams were cooking, there were activities like corn hole and board games for everyone to play. This is one of the many events the Danieley Center Neighborhood hosts each year.

Chick'n Pick'n is “a chance for students to come together, talk to each other, and show off their cooking skills,” said Detric Robinson, the community director of the Danieley Center Neighborhood. “It’s not really an educational event. It’s really a chance for them to be social and get to know their neighbors.”

The students were competing to grill the best chicken and were able to choose their own flavors and seasonings. The three judges carefully evaluated each chicken according to presentation, smell, taste and if it was fully cooked.

The students were competing for $600 in prizes. The first-place winner received a $300 Amazon gift card, the second-place winner received a $200 Amazon gift card, and the third-place winner received a $100 Amazon gift card.

Sophomores Grace Hardy and Meagan Hanratty, who took first place at Chick'n Pick'n, used a mojito lime flavor for their chicken. “We kind of saw the seasoning when we were shopping for this event, and we thought it would be kind of a more unique flavor," Hardy said.

Their chosen flavor "had lime to it rather than a barbecue, which a lot of people did," Hanratty said.

All Elon students were eligible to participate, not just students in the Danieley Center Neighborhood.