The Preiss company, owners of The Crest Apartments, told residents of Crest building 2020 on Friday they won’t be moving back in this semester, according to an email obtained by ENN.

“We are in the process of getting the trusses built (which will happen off-site), delivered and then installed one by one,” the email said. “From what we understand this will be a timely process and, therefore, we are making permanent accommodations for you (through the end of the semester).” 

More than 30 students were evacuated on Jan. 14 because of a "cracked and sagging concrete floor.” Since then, The Preiss company has payed for affected residents to live in the Burlington Best Western Hotel.

Now, instead of moving back in, residents have two options. 

According to the email, students can either “transfer immediately into an on- campus bed” or “move to an off- campus apartment complex.”

Preiss notes there are “limited” on campus housing options that will be granted on a “first come, first serve basis.” 

The company does not specify which off-campus apartment residents would move to, but does note they are “working with 2 communities right now that are comparable in distance from Elon as Best Western.”

The Burlington Best Western is an 8-minute drive from Elon’s campus, according to Google Maps. 

Junior Rachel Coose, one of the Crest residents who has been living in the Burlington Best Western Hotel told ENN Wednesday, “If we had a better line of communication I would say it was better.”

“There’s nothing they can tell me at this point that will make anything better.”

Preiss did not respond to ENN’s request for comment.