Elon University Polls released its most recent survey’s results Oct. 3 addressing everything from President Donald Trump to DACA, the Affordable Care Act, NFL protests, Confederate monument removal and climate change on the North Carolina coast. 

These polls were conducted via a live-caller landline and cellular survey of 931 registered North Carolina voters and took place from Sept. 25-28.

The poll’s results showcase some striking new political statistics. The report showed a 58 percent disapproval rating of Trump’s job in office and a 63 percent approval to letting children of undocumented immigrants gain legal status.

Jason Husser, director of Elon Poll and assistant professor of political science and policy studies, said in a email announcing the poll results that he sees ties between the results of the North Carolina polling results and national opinion.

“Like many Americans frustrated with gridlock in Washington, North Carolina voters as a whole want to see President Trump lead bipartisan deal-making in Washington,” Husser said. “Democratic voters are more likely than Republicans to want bargains across the aisle, but our data suggest the president will have the support of most North Carolinians within his own party if he closes more negotiations like the recent debt ceiling extension.”

The poll also revealed a 60 percent disapproval of Trump’s advocacy for the firing of NFL players who kneel during the National Anthem, a 59 percent vote in support of the controversial Confederate monuments staying in place.

These results have ignited conversations among students. Sophomore Elena Elliot said she believes the President’s focus should be shifted toward other modern issues, such as disaster relief, rather than political sports’ demonstrations.

“I think Trump’s efforts should be more focused on the relief efforts in Puerto Rico than on attacking a peaceful — albeit controversial, —demonstration of free speech,” Elliot said. “His comments are inappropriately timed and it’s no wonder that 60 percent of people polled disapprove of his conduct towards the matter.”

Regardless of political affiliation, these polls serve as a snapshot of the views of the larger North Carolina area as a whole to Elon’s student body, faculty and staff.