In the wake of the announcement of Elon’s ninth president, Connie Ledoux Book, President Leo Lambert spoke at a town hall meeting on Thursday night sponsored by the Student Government Association. Lambert expressed his nostalgia that came with the announcement, as well as his sheer thrill for Book. 

“There is nobody that could be more thrilled than I am because I have such faith in her judgement, integrity, her caring as a person, her love for this institution. She is going to be an extraordinary president”, President Lambert said. 

He also opened up about the search process, revealing that the “number one focus of the search committee was on the relentless focus on students and engaged learning”. Lambert’s talk centered on the importance of maintaining the institutional identity of Elon University as the school moves forward. 

“We own the culture of Elon together. If you lose the culture, you’ve pretty much lost the most important thing”, he warned. Elon students are in a unique position where they can actively work with the new president in maintaining and shaping the environment of the university. 

President Lambert reflected on his time serving Elon, saying "I can't tell you what this position has meant to me. It is the most immense privilege I could describe to you." He cited the reason for his coming into work every day the “amazing generation of young people” he serves. “I have faith and trust in the ways that you will lead world going forward”, Lambert said to students. 

Lambert candidly told the audience that the millennial generation will be the most powerful alumni to serve this school. He believes that the leadership from this generation will propel Elon to new heights. Lambert offered advice to students, stressing the importance of refraining from becoming a “stressed out generation”. Lambert ended the talk speaking about the humbling effect of his family and to remember to step away from work to focus on the loved ones in students’ lives. 

President Lambert will be taking a sabbatical after Book takes office in March 2018. But, he will be back on campus to assist her and to teach in a new graduate program in fall 2019.