Imanol Yepez-Frias was eager to arrive at her first Student Organization Fair Sept. 8. Passing more than 240 club tables lined up with glittery posters, passionate students and tasty treats, Yepez-Frias found six organizations he was interested in. 

The student org fair showcases the wide variety of organizations that Elon University offers its students. Any recognized club or organization has the opportunity to have a table at the fair, while all students have the chance to sign up.

Before the organization fair, Yepez-Frias had a good idea of what clubs and organizations he wanted to sign up for.

He arrived at Young Commons ten minutes early to avoid the frenzy of freshmen and signed up for all of the organizations he planned to and more. 

“I looked around and saw sports near the gym, then on my way saw A capella was right there. When I turned around, I saw a sign for Elon Local News and Elon News Network,” Yepez-Frias said. “I knew I wanted to do something with that organization, so I went there.” 

Each of Elon’s six A cappella groups held signups and had tables during the org fair. In total, A capella recieved 445 signups.

A capella groups are some of the most competitive clubs on campus. The Shirley Tempos had 76 signups, taking in only five new members. 

After signing up for ENN, club soccer and A capella, Yepez-Frias found himself at the Circus club table, where he wrote his name down. 

“I didn’t expect to, but I just signed up,” Yepez-Frias said. 

Yepez-Frias finished his first org fair by heading to Elon Volunteers! (EV!). Out of all the many opportunities offered, Yepez-Frias chose to do Teaching English as a second language.

With English being Yepez-Frias’ second language, he wanted to help others he could easily relate to. Yepez-Frias was one of the 1500 students who signed up to be an Elon Volunteer! at the org fair.

EV! had 13 tables set up at the org fair, which showed possible new members the 30 different programs offered on and off campus. 

Organizations such as Undergraduate Research Association have a chance to share more information with students on how to get involved. Seventy-five students signed up to do undergraduate research at the organization fair, eager to get involved in mentorship and research meaningful topics. 

The Center for Leadership had 120 students that said they were interested in being a part of their LEAD program, and 100 students who said they wanted to attend the Intersect conference in November. LEAD offers students the chance to gain access to mentors, workshops, retreats and more. 

Throughout the years, Elonthon and Student Union Board catch the eye of most freshmen. Elonthon, one of the most participated events of the entire year, had 208 signups at the fair and SUB had 250 signups. 

Freshman Alex Piros, who has a passion for dancing and serving her community, was impressed with the Elonthon table at the org fair.

“Elonthon was one of the last tables I went to,” Piros said. “They were so inviting. They were giving out brightly colored t-shirts and were so happy when I signed up.” 

Freshman Ashley Billie was also eager to get involved in student life. Wanting to get involved in clubs focused around social life, social justice and self improvement, she signed up for Iron Tree Blooming, Future Educators of America, Black Student Union and the Center for Race, Ethnicity and Diversity Education (CREDE). Though Billie was overwhelmed, she felt as if she made the right decision by signing up for these clubs and organizations.

“It was insane,” Billie said. “I was with a mentor and she was pointing out organizations she liked and people she knew in them while I was eyeballing tables.” 

Billie’s favorite part about the clubs’ tables were all the snacks. A variety of candies, brownies and cookies were handed out at almost every table. 

The student org fair is traditionally seen as successful for organizations, students and the Student Involvement Center. 

Jenny Ciesiulka, assistant director of Student Involvement said, “We have pretty good attendance at fall Org fair, and students see it as a good opportunity to advertise and get new members.”

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