According to the North Carolina Department of Revenue (NCDOR), Tony's Pub & Subs owes $36,267.22 in sales tax. The business has not paid these taxes since February 2015. Tony's Pub & Subs opened on January 2015.

NCDOR seized Tony's Pub & Subs, located at 415 W. Haggard Ave. on Tuesday, Dec. 6 due to the non-payment of taxes, and the restaurant and bar has been closed since. 

The owner of Tony's Pub & Subs, Tony Caruso, told Elon News Network in a statement that he acknowledged the owed back taxes and said, "they will be taken care of." As of right now, Caruso is deciding whether or not Tony's Pub & Subs is "worth opening back up."

In Caruso's statement, he says, "The fact remains that Tony's is a great fun place but it's revenue hasn't been as profitable lately as it needs to be. So I have decisions to make."

Caruso also says the owed back taxes are due to an oversight by the accountant. 

We will continue to update this story as it develops.