Letter to the Editor in response to Dan Anderson's statement on House Bill 2 by Jameson Dion, ‘06:

Elon University’s Vice President of Communications Dan Anderson, made a statement recently in response to North Carolina’s legislative action. In the posting on the university website, Mr. Anderson states that “Elon remains committed to inclusion and equal protection for all people” and that they “reaffirm [their] position that individuals should use facilities in which they feel most comfortable and align with their gender identity.” Mr. Anderson framed the response as a statement to assuage the “several questions and expressions of concern” with North Carolina’s recent legislation.

It is my belief that Elon University has chosen to lessen the safety of one of Elon’s most vulnerable student demographics in favor of taking a popular and politically correct stance. Allowing anyone to define what bathroom they can use, regardless of their biological gender does not prevent discrimination or abolish some long-held social injustice. It provides an opportunity for your student population to find themselves at greater risk by taking this stance: you accept that a man can enter a women’s bathroom or locker room simply by stating that he defines himself as a woman.

I have no doubt that the vast majority of the individuals who choose to use a bathroom marked for the opposite sex will do so as individuals seeking to define themselves. It is impossible, however, to prevent those who may have a dangerous motive from taking advantage of this misguided policy. I believe that this decision will expose the women of Elon to a greater risk of sexual assault and puts the university in a position of being liable for that assault. I believe the university has jeopardized the safety of a large portion of the student population with their stance.

I would like to make it clear that those advocating for free choice of restroom use regardless of their natural-born anatomy are not the only ones voicing concern. I am not the only member of the community that thinks that this stance is misguided and will ultimately put women at an increased risk on campus. I appeal to the good sense and wisdom of the university staff and board of trustees to take responsibility and stand up for the security and safety of women on Elon University’s campus, regardless of what is popular or politically correct.

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