Boot season is back, and we all know what that means: Drooling over the inventory at Nordstrom and semi-stalking that girl in your English class to find out where she found her perfect black moto booties. Regardless of the lengths you're willing to go to for shoes, we're all offenders in the onslaught of boot envy. When feelings of intense jealousy and longing come to mind, make sure you're prepared to combat them with a stocked closet. As long as you can boast each of these styles, boot envy doesn't stand a chance.

The casual boot


The main criteria for a perfect casual boot — a staple piece that can work with any outfit — is that it cuts at or below the ankle and possesses a minuscule heel. These boots should be versatile, so stick to a neutral color such as black, dark brown or camel. If you find that you prefer the casual boot to all others, by all means, experiment with colors, accents (buckles, zippers, etc.), textures and anything else that contributes to the making of one mighty-fine bootie.

The riding boot

No longer is this the footwear reserved for equestrians. The varieties of riding boots are endless, from suede or leather to heeled or flat — there's a pair for everyone, no matter their differing styles. Just be sure to follow one cardinal rule to avoid a boot blunder: always try on tall boots before purchasing them. The height of the shoe and whether or not it works for your personal leg length is essential. If that thigh high boot you thought you loved on the shelf makes you look legless, leave it at the store. Your dream boot will find you when the time is right.

The party boot

Whether or not you wear this boot to a party is up to you. The most important element of a party boot is the way it makes you feel. Once you put it on, you should feel like you can take on the world. Choose a bootie with a larger, chunky heel around 3-5 inches. The sound of them against the floor is everything — if you can feel the beat while you're click-clacking around the store, buy them immediately.