“You used to call me on my cell phone” … is the beginning lyric of this song of the week. And it doesn’t take a lot of guessing to know that it’s none other than Drake’s big single "Hotline Bling."

For those of you who have been too hypnotized by the hundreds of memes, the song is actually about the turbulence of dating and an old lover who … you guessed it, used to call Drake late at night on his phone.

When this song was released in late July it was largely ignored, but soon it was well on its way, getting closer and closer to being number one in the charts. With simple lyrics and a cha-cha type rhythm, it’s quickly become everyone’s shower jam/party starter. This particular single is special because it’s Drake’s most played hit on the charts, finally beating his oldie “Best I Ever Had” from 2010.

After too many plays on the radio, when the flame for this song was dying, Drake strategically dropped a music video, which he shared drew inspiration from a light art show he attended. The video bumped the popularity of this song back up, a big thanks to Twitter and Tumblr’s various memes made only to mock his killer dance moves. All jokes aside, it’s still a fun song, and it makes you want to dance like him too.

According to his Apple music contract, Drake’s weekly trending song never officially made it to number one, but it did climb to number two on the official Billboard charts. Let’s be real, it’s still number one to all the Drake lovers out there.